Sunday, December 21, 2008


Ok, I feel ok to post this since my friend never reads my blog. I have been hush hush hush about it because it is her xmas gift. goes....dun dun daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Just when I thought my twilight fixation would not get any worse. Here I go and purchase tickets for this....

Yeah baby!!! I cannot wait and guess who is going to be there?????

TAYLOR LAUTNERTWILIGHT’s Jacob BlackAppearing Sunday

ASHLEY GREENE Twilight’s Alice CullenAppearing Sunday

TWILIGHT’s Emmet Cullen, 90210’s George Evans. Appearing Saturday

PETER FACINELLI TWILIGHT’s Dr. Carlisle CullenAppearing Friday

JACKSON RATHBONE TWILIGHT’s Jasper HaleAppearing Sunday Along with his convention appearances Jackson and his band 100Monkeys will be doing a concert on Saturday Night in the hotel. More details on the concert below!

...and more to be added....

Yeah...I am some sick TWIHARD fan, but I am going with great friends and we cannot wait for the Vampire ball, and my photo op with Kellan Lutz. Yes!!! I am finally going to get my hug on film for the world to see.

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