Friday, August 29, 2008

Henry Cavill and Hot Hot Sex

As I surfed the net looking for new images of Henry Cavill I found these gorgeous images (Insert drool here) Gosh this man is GAH!!! I am not sure but he is almost running neck and neck with George Clooney and ya'll know how much I adore that man. I look at his image I think of my now favorite song by CSS, Music is my Hot Hot Sex. The song is constantly running thru my brain. Enjoy

Sunday, August 24, 2008

OK!!! color me TWILIGHT obsessed

Those dear friends of mine know how much I adore TWILIGHT and how I cannot wait for the movie to come out. Out of all the Stephenie Meyer book series, Twilight is my favorite. I have been a bit Edward/Bella/Jacob obsessed as of late and I found this awesome video that ROCKS!! I had never heard of MUSE until Stephenie Meyer had placed them on her play list of music for her books. I can see how this song TIME IS RUNNING OUT is perfect. Hope you ENJOY

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I love JESUS, but I drink a little

Ok...sometimes life smacks ya down and you feel so low that you cannot see past the gloom and onto happier things. Today my friend Linda showed me this and I laughed so hard I was crying and I instantly felt better. I ran over....not literally, but you understand my meaning, and had to blog about it.

Bless all the Glady's of the world and their love of Listerine. ROTFLMAO!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Ladies of AsiaSF

Linda's trip to San Francisco would NOT be complete without a trip to ASIA SF. The darling gender illusionist restaurant and bar is awesome and you cannot leave that place without a smile on your face. Tricia and I kept it a surprise from Linda, but once she arrived she was hip to the scene and enjoyed herself. Gosh...I love an open mind.

Yeah....they look amazing and better than most women I know. Now that is a darn shame...LOL

A visit from a dear friend

California here I come,
Right back where I started from,
Where bowers and flowers bloom in the sun,
Each morning at dawning birdies sing and everything.
A sun kissed miss said "Don't be late."
Thats why I can hardly wait,
So open up those Golden gate California here I COME!

I cannot believe that your California adventure has come and gone already. It was a very last minute deal, and since my friend Linda had time on her hands. I convinced her to come out and visit. It was a gift to my friend Tricia and I also...of course. Linda arrived on a Tuesday night and the very next day we were off and running. The highlight of the day was going to RWA and meeting some of our favorite authors, especially Sherrilyn Kenyon. She was the most awesome person to meet, very warm and friendly and she did not mind having us gush all over her. Linda still wants her jacket. Sherrilyn had some gorgeous men with her and heck...we could not resist pictures.

This one is for you Linda. I know your gonna love this picture. My you look tiny..tee hee.
This picture is totally beautimous (sp) it is a Linda word I am not sure how to spell it
I love this picture...I wish I had my fangs on..DRAT!!!
Tricia and Sherrilyn, love love love the fangs.
This is for the missing part of our quartet, Megan. We tracked her down for this, lol.
Two gorgeous women. Gena Showlater is amazing. Her new series is the bomb...squeeee!!
We had the pleasure of seeing Cici and took her with us for a few sight seeing adventures
Linda and Tricia on the famous Golden Gate bridge

Friday, August 8, 2008

Breaking Dawn Concert

Hello and greetings from Disneyland. I wanted to post a few pictures , but will give more details of the awesome event last night with Stephenie Meyer. I have to say that when Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October came on to sing I became an instant fan, and when he sang My Never (not out until March 2009)....OMG!!! the tears began and would not stop. To anyone that is reading Breaking Dawn if you have read page 355 than the song pertains to that moment in the book. Thus the flood of tears (I am such a Jacob/Edward Fan girl, heck call me Switzerland), then you get to page 359 and...
I loved the book and according to Stephenie Meyer everything has played out as was originally intended. So, it wasn't a change created to make everything all nicey nice. I love all the main characters of this book and wanted them to have their HEA and they did. I am not a reviewer, but a lover of this series. At times I wish some words could have been omitted just to get to a moment faster, but other than that. I LOVED IT.
I wanted to give a shout out to KEPLERS book store in Menlo Park, CA. I wore the shirt I had on to the event to give my support to them and Stephenie did get to see it. I wish I could have talked with her more than just the 10 seconds allowed.

MY NEVER....Yup this had me crying so much that I could not talk for a few minutes

Now some pictures more pictures

We were lucky that we were in the second row. It was awesome, but pictures were not allowed. I tried my best and hope my efforts were good enough for everyone to enjoy. Stephenie answering some questions
The stage is set. Upon the beginning of the event each book was highlighted in order. WOW, the emotions in that room were high. I could barely hear my friend Cin sitting next to me

OHHHH!!! lest I forget. My favorite "home made" T-shirt. I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of it, but I remember it clearly.

WEDDING planned by Alice $50,000

HONEYMOON on a secluded Island $30,000

WAKING up next to a VAMPIRE surrounded by feathers.....PRICELESS