Sunday, November 14, 2010

Making Happy Treasures: Inspirational Journals

As mentioned before, this year has been beyond crazy and when things calmed down I decided to do more things for me. The first thing that I wanted to get into was crafts. I wanted to learn how to make as much as I posssibly could.

I was very fortunate to find A WORK OF HEART STUDIO on Lincoln ave. in San Jose, CA. I love love love this place to the point that I almost did not want to divulge any info because I wanted a space to call my own. I know that is wrong so I made sure to tell all my friends and co-workers. I have taken several clases and one of them was a prayer journal. I took the class but knew I would make the usual journal so I mad a FAITH journal instead so that I might find words of faith and inspiration to help me.

my FAITH book

I love the colors of black and read and I adored what I came up with. I am not fond of the papers inside the journal (thus you will not see them) and I will dazzle them up somehow and then I will show you what I came up with.

Hello Again!

If anyone is still following this blog then I am very sorry for being MIA for over a year. This was my original blog that I decided to abandon when I pursued my blog dream of having a YA book review blog.

This year has been very hard on me, my mother was quite ill for over six months. We were in and out of hospitals, endured ten surgeries and there were times that I could not seem to visualize the light at the end of the tunnel. Yet, here we are nearly a year after my mother's heart attack and she is doing well. Because of this I have decided to devote more time to the people and things that I love.

I have been most fortunate in that pursuit but recently I have missed my first blog and decided that I would try to maintain both. I know that between the two sites this one will suffer but I hope that I will have enough to keep everyone entertained.