Thursday, January 8, 2009

My New Blog :)

I realized today after receiving a text from a good friend, that I failed to mention that I had a new blog. A new "book" blog to be exact. Thank you ((Christine)) for giving me the "heads up" on this fact. I assumed that I had taken care of announcing this on my blog. Last year I got a bit lazy and failed to post about books that I read (which were many) and then friends that wanted to catch up with me would have to riff through my book adoration posts and get a bit lost in the shuffle. So I created a separation of these items and it really has been easier for me. I hope people come over and visit.

My new blog Tales of a Ravenous Reader a Lush Budget Production has caused me to focus on the task at hand (BOOKS) and I really like it. Let me tell ya, it took me forevah to get its appearance to my liking, but I am fussy that way. So, if anyone loves books and wants to come on over and say hi or even respond on a few posts. I would be more than happy.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another reason for me NOT to go skiing

I am a major klutz, my balance is not the best. So, skiing was never something I was interested in. I came really close to getting ski lessons last winter, but chickened out. Then while on the internet today I find this story. I think it crossed my path as a warning......"Don't go skiing or you will loose more than your dignity"

Here is the story an unfortunate soul who became involved in a terrible situation in Vail last friday.
"The chairlift's fold-down seat was not in the correct lowered-down position - causing the man to partially fall through the resulting gap as he attempted to board the lift.
He was prevented from plummeting to the ground below by his right ski, which became jammed in the ascending lift."

OMG!!!! I think he was grasping the branches, but who wouldn't try to grab on anything for help.
Thankfully help came and I bet it could not come soon enough. know that sometimes your job can suck, but look at the guy underneath the depanted skier. That totally sucks.
I hope that he /she gets paid enough. I bet they will tell this story to family and friends for years and years to come.