Sunday, April 27, 2008

Puppetry for the Penis could I have forgotten about these guys. They were soo cute. Eugene the Elephant, Willy the Whale and Mutton....baaaaaa baaaaaaaa he has been a very bad boy.

Mutton can't figure out what is going on or UP for that matter. He is scared maybe a big bad penis is coming his way

I gave these all to my co-worker Matt and he said he was going to ask his wife if she wanted to go to the zoo. LMAO!! I wonder which animal she wanted to see?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A special thanks

This amazing adventure would not have been possible if not for my friend Tricia. When I finished RT (Radiation Therapy) school. Tricia came to my room with a stack of books. She looked at me and said that there was this character in this series of books that reminded her of me and that I had to read it. I remember looking down and seeing the title UNDEAD and UNWED by MJD...I said, "ok" and then ignored the stack for a while longer. After a few more weeks and a few more nags from Tricia. I decided to sit down and give the books a chance. It is not that I did not like reading, but after 4 years of being in had become a chore .

Needless to say, I was hooked after the first few pages and my life has never been the same. I owe this start to my dear friend Tricia. I got started on this fun ride all because of her and MJD
Since I am a person to always take it a step further...I decided to join the MJD fan group and forum and after I posted I got contacted by another friend that informed me about other authors and books and RT. That person was Terri, I credit her for enriching my library and giving me this experience to enjoy. She and Jose were my roomies last year and their generosity made it possible for Tricia and I to attend RT and from that point on I was hooked. Thank you Terri

To my dear roommates Linda and Megan, that made this year so very memorable. I can no longer look at the color green, tae qwan-do, cranberry chocolate mix and starbucks without thinking of you both . RING u my friend.

Thank you to my fellow yahoo mates that I got the chance to meet and am so glad to call them my friends. Lori and Space you guys are the best I hope to see you both next year

Erika and Cici, I loved your costumes and each night I was looking out for you both. I could not wait to see what else you had in store for us. I am glad that we had that last night at RT. It was fun and I hope we get the comfy sofa next time.

Hey beth...I am glad I got to meet you and that we had all those pictures taken with all the purdy boys. It was a blast.

Another round of thanks goes to the very best authors out there. These ladies are so very kind and SNARKY funny that you cannot help but love them all. Dakota Cassidy, Michele Bardsley (with extra special chocolate love) and MaryJanice Davidson. I am forevah a fan and will promote yas till I die. Thank you for expanding my world and giving me something to look forward too while depleating my bank account of funds. I lurves ya all.

Ohhh and I cannot forget the fabulous Renee George, she is such a sweetheart. I always enjoy seeing ya. Jaynie...your sharp wit and timing always had me in stitches. I am sending you a special thanks. You both were awesome and I cannot wait to see everyone next year

Well that's it folks. It's time for me to go. Until next year....ciao!!

RT adventures continue

Well besides meeting some of the best people and awe inspiring authors. I did get a chance to get some fantastic pictures of the pretty men that were around the convention. My dear friend Tricia is totally besotted by Adrian Paul and he co-hosted a charity dinner with Fabio.

This is the picture that Tricia took and got totally BUSTED in taking this gorgeous picture of Adrian Paul. He was sitting at the table next to us. *sigh* Tricia was blushing a bright red and shoved the camera towards me and told me "OMG, I got soo busted!" I was very happy to see her this giddy. She has not been this happy in a very long time.

My picture with Adrian Paul. He is so very handsome

Tricia's dream man. In an awesome moment in time...When asked WHO he thought was the sexiest...He was pointing at me. LMAO!!Tricia does not like how she looks in this picture i made it really really really small.

At the end of the event. I had a brilliant idea. Tricia and I went and got our roomies so that they could share in this amazing moment and take their picture with Adrain Paul. I am so very sorry ladies for being sooo pushy, but it had to be done and look at the result

Then I met FABIO...and he was fabulous. I was never a "fan" of his for he has never been my type but OMG this man has such an aura about him. Sex is pouring out of every pour and he is very kind and intelligent. I was hanging onto him for dear life. He had me in such a grip that I was on my tippy toes and if I did not hold onto him I would have fallen for sure. My boobs were pressed up into him, but I am guessing that was his plan all along. LOL!! When he gently released me I stepped on his toes and I blushed my apoligies to him and he told me that it was ok. I could step on his toes anytime.

I made sure to see CJ Hollenback for my friend Shanghi

I love this shot of Luke and I. He was a competing for the Mr. Romance title. Sadly he did not win, but I was very fond of him, for he was very nice

I also got a picture with Mr. Big Guns. I baptized him with that name for he had the biggest biceps. Amazing!!!

Mr. Romance winner Chris. GAWD he is HOT!!

RT!!! What an adventure

I survived RT 2008!!

I spent a bit of time not posting due to the fact that I went to Washington DC and then a week later was at RT having the best time of my life. It is hard for me to put it into words. I enjoy RT so much for I get to see old friends and make new ones then to top it off you are totally surrounded by the best authors around. It is almost too good to be true. I make the most of my experience and always know that more fun is to be had the following year.

Tricia and I arrived on a red eye flight and although we stayed at a hotel that was less than stellar. The only redeeming quality is that it had an awesome view. I won't mention the name but I must say that even Paris would NOT stay at this place.

Once we got settled in, which took all of 2 minutes then we were off and running. First things first . I had to put on my self-made promotional bit of the authors that I LURVE

I had roomies to meet. Megan and Linda. The best chicas evah!!

The MJD Yahoo Group to hook up with. All Hail BETSY the Vampire Queen. I love this picture with (starting at the front left) Beth, Megan, Lori (Back) Me, MJ, Tricia and Linda. This was at the Speakeasy party hosted by Christine Feehan

and authors to chat with, like J. R. Ward of the BDB. I was in total awe of meeting her and she did not dissappoint. She was very gracious and kind. A real treat to listen to during the panels.

Rachel Vincent, one of the hottest new authors around. Author of STRAY and ROGUE
An awesome surprise was having the fabulous L.A. Banks sit at our table during the Vampire Ball. She had the most stunning cross necklace on...YUM!!! But this spider cuff had me running. She was so gracious and warm that I became and instant fan and got the first book in her vampire series the very next day. How could I have been so foolish to not have gotten it before, I dont know. L.A. adored us and she even mentioned us in her blog.

The most surreal moment was when MJD and J. R. Ward sat in the same panel. My two favorite authors side by side. I even got to ask a question at that panel. They were joined by Christine Feehan. There was a point during the panel when MJ confession to getting frisky after reading on of Feehan's books. LMAO. What a funny moment. I am soo glad to have been there.
There was an amazing event with MJ, Dakota Cassidy and Michele Bardsley. It was an evening mixer with some very handsome man candy. It was also the beginning of the SNARK wars and we all had such a good laugh over it.
Here is one examples of the SNARK spoils of war. Those women are too damn funny