Sunday, September 21, 2008


When midnight strikes on October 3rd, 2008. An important offer will be made, one that you can't refuse.
Prepare to be dazzled!!!
Ohhhhhhhhh oh oh oh!! Me wants to be dazzled. I cannot wait to find out what this is, but it sounds amazing.
If your also interested go on over to the TWICON website and find out


Christine said...

Mmm... a Twilight Convention?

DarlingDiva said...

That is what I am thinking, but where, when and what would be going on???? I have no idea

DJzoey said...

I think it is time for another fan gathering of the two coolest peeps in the world... whadda ya say? I KNEW you would be into this series too!!!!!

DarlingDiva said...

Girrrrrrrrll...I am way tooo into this series. has taken over my life. I cannot wait for the movie.