Thursday, January 8, 2009

My New Blog :)

I realized today after receiving a text from a good friend, that I failed to mention that I had a new blog. A new "book" blog to be exact. Thank you ((Christine)) for giving me the "heads up" on this fact. I assumed that I had taken care of announcing this on my blog. Last year I got a bit lazy and failed to post about books that I read (which were many) and then friends that wanted to catch up with me would have to riff through my book adoration posts and get a bit lost in the shuffle. So I created a separation of these items and it really has been easier for me. I hope people come over and visit.

My new blog Tales of a Ravenous Reader a Lush Budget Production has caused me to focus on the task at hand (BOOKS) and I really like it. Let me tell ya, it took me forevah to get its appearance to my liking, but I am fussy that way. So, if anyone loves books and wants to come on over and say hi or even respond on a few posts. I would be more than happy.


Christine said...

LOL! I didn't mean to make you feel badly! I was mostly afraid that I missed the announcement. Or that you didn't want me to know about it! Okay... I didn't really think the latter.

I think the blog is gorgeous and really well organized. I'll be visiting frequently. Off to go add it to my RSS feeds! :)


Darling Diva said...

Not to worry Christine..I did not think of it badly in the least. I just am such a forgetful person and the holiday season just zaps me. I am glad you brought it to my attention, so I really should be thanking you.

I am happy that I have been keeping up with it. I hope to continue as the year goes on.

I have missed ya, and guess what? I will be going to RWA in D.C. this year, are you going??? I would love to see you.

Sadako said...

This new blog looks really good! Can't wait to check it out.