Sunday, November 14, 2010

Making Happy Treasures: Inspirational Journals

As mentioned before, this year has been beyond crazy and when things calmed down I decided to do more things for me. The first thing that I wanted to get into was crafts. I wanted to learn how to make as much as I posssibly could.

I was very fortunate to find A WORK OF HEART STUDIO on Lincoln ave. in San Jose, CA. I love love love this place to the point that I almost did not want to divulge any info because I wanted a space to call my own. I know that is wrong so I made sure to tell all my friends and co-workers. I have taken several clases and one of them was a prayer journal. I took the class but knew I would make the usual journal so I mad a FAITH journal instead so that I might find words of faith and inspiration to help me.

my FAITH book

I love the colors of black and read and I adored what I came up with. I am not fond of the papers inside the journal (thus you will not see them) and I will dazzle them up somehow and then I will show you what I came up with.

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