Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Yummy Surprise

I woke up this morning like any other. My normal routine of getting up and going to the STARBUCKS drive thru has lost some of its excitement ever since I gave up coffee for lent. Yet, today I missed my old friend and decided on a grande tuxedo hot cocoa. As I waited in line I noticed that a girl scout troupe had parked themselves right next to the drive-thru window. SAAAAAWEET!!! The Girl Scouts - freak’en pushers! Those thin mints are like crack! I think I have consumed an entire box already....ekkkk!!! I CANNOT RESIST. Amazing that something so small, minty and chocolaty delicious has given me so much joy.

So what have you guys ordered from those cookie pushers in pigtails?


BlakeyGirl said...

thing mints....droooooooooool

DarlingDiva said...

Yes!!! Girl they are the bomb

Megan Ann said...

You're telling me. I Love Chocolate Mint. But I have avoided thin mints and chose instead weight watchers chocolate mint bars. I think they are better than thin mints.

Christine said...

LOL Darling... I am the mother of not one, but TWO cookie pushers. I usually order one or two boxes of our favorites and then get stuck with the left overs. Yes, believe it or not, there are left overs.

By the way... Thin Mints freeze beautifully. Tuck a box in the way back corner of your freezer and treat yourself to a frozen Thin Mint... or two... in July! :)