Friday, March 28, 2008


Yeah...I love this show and just had to put it out there. The biggest reason why. Let me show ya. Henry Cavill. He is just too purdy for words. I have missed a couple of weeks while away, but I am making up for it now. Like I said, thank goodness for Tivo


Christine said...

Every time I see that picture of Henry sitting in that chair with his legs apart like that.... I just want to kneel right there and ... mmmmm......

Henry Cavill would play an awesome 'Edward' in TWILIGHT. But no ... they had to cast someone who'd look like a high schooler. BUT WHY?

Still have never seen an episode of The Tudors. I'm just not a TV series person. I am so lame at remembering when to watch... or remembering when to DVR it. So lame. I will have to rent the seasons worth if and when it is available... I hear so much yummy talk about this series.

DarlingDiva said...

Ohhh I adore Henry Cavill. I so wanted him to be Edward. I am still miffed about it, for I think he would have been perfect.

This year is better than last season. Hopefully you will enjoy it soon. :)