Saturday, April 26, 2008

RT adventures continue

Well besides meeting some of the best people and awe inspiring authors. I did get a chance to get some fantastic pictures of the pretty men that were around the convention. My dear friend Tricia is totally besotted by Adrian Paul and he co-hosted a charity dinner with Fabio.

This is the picture that Tricia took and got totally BUSTED in taking this gorgeous picture of Adrian Paul. He was sitting at the table next to us. *sigh* Tricia was blushing a bright red and shoved the camera towards me and told me "OMG, I got soo busted!" I was very happy to see her this giddy. She has not been this happy in a very long time.

My picture with Adrian Paul. He is so very handsome

Tricia's dream man. In an awesome moment in time...When asked WHO he thought was the sexiest...He was pointing at me. LMAO!!Tricia does not like how she looks in this picture i made it really really really small.

At the end of the event. I had a brilliant idea. Tricia and I went and got our roomies so that they could share in this amazing moment and take their picture with Adrain Paul. I am so very sorry ladies for being sooo pushy, but it had to be done and look at the result

Then I met FABIO...and he was fabulous. I was never a "fan" of his for he has never been my type but OMG this man has such an aura about him. Sex is pouring out of every pour and he is very kind and intelligent. I was hanging onto him for dear life. He had me in such a grip that I was on my tippy toes and if I did not hold onto him I would have fallen for sure. My boobs were pressed up into him, but I am guessing that was his plan all along. LOL!! When he gently released me I stepped on his toes and I blushed my apoligies to him and he told me that it was ok. I could step on his toes anytime.

I made sure to see CJ Hollenback for my friend Shanghi

I love this shot of Luke and I. He was a competing for the Mr. Romance title. Sadly he did not win, but I was very fond of him, for he was very nice

I also got a picture with Mr. Big Guns. I baptized him with that name for he had the biggest biceps. Amazing!!!

Mr. Romance winner Chris. GAWD he is HOT!!


Megan Ann said...

Woman don't apologize for being pushy. If you hadn't been Linda and I would have missed out. YAY for pushiness!!! Is that even a word. :D

DarlingDiva said...

Ok...YEAH!!!! for pushiness!!! and we would so do it again.

dd03 said...

Sounds...and looks like you had loads of fun, girl!

Hopefully, I'll get my poop in a scoop someday and my butt out to one of these events!

DarlingDiva said...

DD..ya gotta go. It would be of the chain. I know you would love it.

Christine said...

Awesome pics! I love the way you posed so naturally with these men! I particularly like the one of you with Fabio. =)