Sunday, April 27, 2008

Puppetry for the Penis could I have forgotten about these guys. They were soo cute. Eugene the Elephant, Willy the Whale and Mutton....baaaaaa baaaaaaaa he has been a very bad boy.

Mutton can't figure out what is going on or UP for that matter. He is scared maybe a big bad penis is coming his way

I gave these all to my co-worker Matt and he said he was going to ask his wife if she wanted to go to the zoo. LMAO!! I wonder which animal she wanted to see?


dd03 said...

hhhhmmmm...I wonder if he felt a lil' sheepish asking her.

But if she went along...i'm sure she had a whale of a time and is trumpeting his praise to all!


DarlingDiva said...

OMG!!! you just about had me spewing my water on my pc....LMAO!!!

Megan Ann said...

What I want to know is which animal sounds she liked the best?!?!?!

DarlingDiva said...

He has yet to try them out!!! LOL

Kai said...

Interesting...the things I learn here and other places! LOL