Friday, July 4, 2008

We got tickets!!!!

August 7, 2008; 8:00 p.m. (Doors 7:00 p.m.)Los Angeles, Royce Hall (UCLA) [SOLD OUT]

My friend has tickets to see Stephenie Meyer in L.A. in August. She has 3rd row seats and I am beyond happy. I had the pleasure of seeing Stephenie last year in Petaluma. I was able to sit right in front of her and she had answered a question of mine which I always ask every writer I meet.

"What is the most painful passage that you have written and why?" She responded and I had to agree with her answer (will not post in case someone has not read her books yet). I agreed, especially with the passage in Eclipse that left me bawling for days. I know that there are some that dislike that book...but I don't care. I lurve it. All of it, every word, sentence, paragraph, chapter.....everything. So, I am really looking forward to going and seeing her again. WOOT!!!


Christine said...

EEEeeeep! OMG That freakin' ROCKS! Heh. Pun intended. I'm so happy for you and can't wait to hear all about it! :D

I thought about trying to get tickets for the NYC engagement, but I think it would have sent my husband over the edge. I'm afraid he's already insanely jealous over my crush on a 17 year old vampire. Little does he know, I also pine for a 17 year old werewolf. ;p He just wouldn't get it.

DarlingDiva said...

LMAO!! I cannot believe how giddy I am over this event. I truly am. It is really crazy of me, but I cannot help it. I just love this series so much and now I get to take my goddaughter with me. So now I will not feel like the old lady with all these teens around me. I can now say "I am just here for my godchild". Ohhh what a liar I have become. Would it not be easier to fess up and say that I lurve Jacob and Edward?