Saturday, July 5, 2008

My Favorite Summer Jams, What's Yours?

Ahh summer, the time to have fun in the sun, travel, hangout with friends, eat fantabulous food, work on your tan....and get down and boogie. I have always associated a song that embodies that summer's adventures/mood. This summer is no different, except that this tim I have gone on total rewind. I have looked at some songs from the past that have given me good memories and that I cannot help but dance to. You know the one....that special song that no matter where you are and what you are doing you cannot help but get in a few steps and move your junk in da trunk.

I wanted to compile a top a list, but it was very very difficult. How do a fit in a lifetime of my love of music into a simple list of the most awesome summer jams? First, I tried to create a list, but where would I draw the line. I could easily have a list of a thousand and it would still not be enough. So, to make my life easy I decided on just a few of my favorites. Then there was the process of picking the songs. Do I go by what my Ipod tells me that I play the most? Do I look at my music collection? Do I look at top lists through history? Do I look everything up online? Can you see my eyes crossing at the thought of it all. Yikes!! I realized that everyone's summer tunes can differ greatly so..

After careful consideration I decided to start a list and have anyone that comes and visits my blog add their own songs. Here is the first song and i truly love it, for it combines two of my favorite all time songs.

Just can't get enough MUSIC

Now tell me, how can you NOT get up and dance to that song and think of good times to be had. Madonna and Depeche Mode, an awesome combination.


Christine said...

and move your junk in da trunk! lol ur so funny!

I haven't heard that Depeche Mode & Madonna song in ages!! Its been so long I can't even remember how long ago it was! lol Wow.

Okay... trying to think of a good summer song for your mix. One that pops into my head from my teenage years is "The Boys of Summer" by Don Henley, but its sort of poignant and not really the get up and dance kind of song. Maybe it should be the last song on the list... for when summer is over.

I'll try to think of a more upbeat song.

DarlingDiva said...

Ahhh...see I totally forgot that song. Yes that should be a song to end the list as summer comes to an end and all we have left are our memories....*sigh*

dd03 said...

Hey! I like this...

hhmmm...had a couple that came to mind, but they're really not jump up and dance...they're more of a slow groove kinda a thing...

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay by CCR & Summertime by Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff.

lol...I know!!! They're so far from each other in era & style...but they're the ones I thought of first! Also, thought of Boys of Summer...which totally my era...late 80's!!

So just dated myself! O.O

DarlingDiva said...

Ohhh got another song LOVE SHACK by the B52's. I always scream at the top of my lungs...."TIN ROOF....RUSTED!!!" LMAO