Friday, August 8, 2008

Breaking Dawn Concert

Hello and greetings from Disneyland. I wanted to post a few pictures , but will give more details of the awesome event last night with Stephenie Meyer. I have to say that when Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October came on to sing I became an instant fan, and when he sang My Never (not out until March 2009)....OMG!!! the tears began and would not stop. To anyone that is reading Breaking Dawn if you have read page 355 than the song pertains to that moment in the book. Thus the flood of tears (I am such a Jacob/Edward Fan girl, heck call me Switzerland), then you get to page 359 and...
I loved the book and according to Stephenie Meyer everything has played out as was originally intended. So, it wasn't a change created to make everything all nicey nice. I love all the main characters of this book and wanted them to have their HEA and they did. I am not a reviewer, but a lover of this series. At times I wish some words could have been omitted just to get to a moment faster, but other than that. I LOVED IT.
I wanted to give a shout out to KEPLERS book store in Menlo Park, CA. I wore the shirt I had on to the event to give my support to them and Stephenie did get to see it. I wish I could have talked with her more than just the 10 seconds allowed.

MY NEVER....Yup this had me crying so much that I could not talk for a few minutes

Now some pictures more pictures

We were lucky that we were in the second row. It was awesome, but pictures were not allowed. I tried my best and hope my efforts were good enough for everyone to enjoy. Stephenie answering some questions
The stage is set. Upon the beginning of the event each book was highlighted in order. WOW, the emotions in that room were high. I could barely hear my friend Cin sitting next to me

OHHHH!!! lest I forget. My favorite "home made" T-shirt. I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of it, but I remember it clearly.

WEDDING planned by Alice $50,000

HONEYMOON on a secluded Island $30,000

WAKING up next to a VAMPIRE surrounded by feathers.....PRICELESS


~Linda~ said...

They are awesome!!!!
And I love love love that song.
But you already knew that lol.
Have fun in Disney!
Love ya


DarlingDiva said...

His sistah from another mishah. Yeah...I had a great time. Thank you so much for the link. I am sorry that you did not have get my text in time to watch the "live" show, yet not no harm done. You still have the you tube video's to enjoy. I still get all choked up when listening to "My Never". I love Jacob just as much as Edward and the pain he went just gets me all teary inside.

Christine said...

AMAZING PICTURES!!! I haven't gotten to that page yet... I'm maybe at 300. I wonder if that scene is the one that had Maria REALLY crying. Maybe I'll get to it tonight....

Thank you so much for sharing! Wish I could have gone with you.


DarlingDiva said...

Christine, I had some moments in BD that had me crying. I am just emotional that way. Stephenie Meyer always does that to me, although this book was way wordier(sp) then her previous efforts. I still loved reading it and hated having it end.

I wish you could have gone with me also. It was awesome to be a part of this special event and when my godchild saw her. I teared up some more. She went up to SM and told her "Thank you, for opening up my eyes to reading". That was from a thirteen year old, and if that does not get ya misty...I don't know what will.

dd03 said...!

I love the I need to complete the series!

I so wish I could have had that day off too to go see the concert with you!


DarlingDiva said...

Ahhh Tish...that song...WOW!!! I can still get chills running down my spine when I hear it. Thank goodness that no one could see me crying as badly as I was 'cept for my buddy...for yeah..I was a total mess. I adore Jacob and that passage in the book was soo painful to read.

Christine said...

I cried. What. A. Song.
I'm looking forward to the official release of that song. I have a feeling it will sound wonderful when recorded in a studio. Not that this song wasn't great--I just love his smooth aching recording voice.
I still need to download the songs from the Eclipse and Breaking Dawn soundtrack....