Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A visit from a dear friend

California here I come,
Right back where I started from,
Where bowers and flowers bloom in the sun,
Each morning at dawning birdies sing and everything.
A sun kissed miss said "Don't be late."
Thats why I can hardly wait,
So open up those Golden gate California here I COME!

I cannot believe that your California adventure has come and gone already. It was a very last minute deal, and since my friend Linda had time on her hands. I convinced her to come out and visit. It was a gift to my friend Tricia and I also...of course. Linda arrived on a Tuesday night and the very next day we were off and running. The highlight of the day was going to RWA and meeting some of our favorite authors, especially Sherrilyn Kenyon. She was the most awesome person to meet, very warm and friendly and she did not mind having us gush all over her. Linda still wants her jacket. Sherrilyn had some gorgeous men with her and heck...we could not resist pictures.

This one is for you Linda. I know your gonna love this picture. My you look tiny..tee hee.
This picture is totally beautimous (sp) it is a Linda word vocab...so I am not sure how to spell it
I love this picture...I wish I had my fangs on..DRAT!!!
Tricia and Sherrilyn, love love love the fangs.
This is for the missing part of our quartet, Megan. We tracked her down for this, lol.
Two gorgeous women. Gena Showlater is amazing. Her new series is the bomb...squeeee!!
We had the pleasure of seeing Cici and took her with us for a few sight seeing adventures
Linda and Tricia on the famous Golden Gate bridge


Christine said...

Awesome pictures! :)
I'm seeing Sherrilyn Kenyon on Friday.

DarlingDiva said...

WOOT!!!! You have to see Moon when ya go to see her. That is going to be awesome. Sherrilyn is the warmest author that I know of, she is a real treat to meet. I envy you...I wish I could be there with you guys.

Teresa said...

Really nice pics, Diva! I was to SanFran when I was a kid and really have to get back out there. I most certainly will be looking for Christine in NYC!