Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Twilight Convention Experience

I am still recovering from a nasty flu bug that is lingering within me. It stayed with me longer than need be, because i was a bad girl and neglected to take care of myself properly. I should have stayed home when i began to feel poorly, but instead I attended a few conventions.

My first Twilight convention was amazing. I had front row seats of which I opted to get for next year also, I am ever hopeful that Taylor Lautner will appear next year, Yeay!! Jacob Black. So, here are my beloved photo's that I wanted to share

This was my event ticket and you could see the great seats that I had.

Kellen Lutz aka Emmett Cullen...there are no words to explain how goreous he is Jackson Rathbone AKA Jasper Hale and his band called 100 monkeys Christian Serratos and Mike Welch aka Angela and MikeThe Hillwood crew, they have a Twilight Parody that will rock your socks.
The Twilight dad's Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke aka Carlisle and Charlie
Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene aka Jasper and Alice (My Favs)

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Nadine said...

Thanks for sharing. I love hearing about things like that. Especially Kellan. hihi