Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ahoy Matey!! Pirates Have Invaded My Hometown

Swords flashed and cannons roared on Father's day weekend. What better place to take your dad as you enjoy a swashbuckling day of pirate watching and wench calling. The weather was fantastic, the food bombastic and the black cherry cider... orgasmic. I cannot wait for next year. Anyone up for a great day should come to the Pirate Festival of Norcal, did i mention that it was FREE!!

This duo had amazing outfits. They got alot of attention during the event These guys got really into the theme of things. I love how the color red just popped.
Davey Jones looked so good, that he was very scary indeed.
I loved these outfits. The brocade coat was stunning Ok...I know I should NOT have taken this, but.....come on. How could I resist


dd03 said...

*slaps hands over eyes & pulls a Phoebe*


*runs out*
*slams into wall*

Damn, DD!

lmao...what a way to end the pictorial! ^__^

DarlingDiva said...

Tish!!!! Hey girl how are you doing? I have missed you. We need to set a YIM date someday so we can catch up. I need to know how your VACA in the city of sin was.

As for moi, well you can see how I entertained myself. I thought I was the only one to witness the red panties, but apparently EVERYONE did. I had some friends that went to the same event and that was the topic on everyones tongues. I was waiting in line for my tomales and "BAMM" there it was and yeah I could not resist.

~Linda~ said...

Looks like it was a fun fun fun time.

LOL my eyes indead

Movie Maven said...

Love the red panties pic! Looks like a fantastic time. My boys would have loved it!

DarlingDiva said...

There were so many people, can you imagine expecting 5,000 and getting 31,000 instead. I had too much fun. I am soo dressing up for next year's event. Yeah Matey!!!

Teresa said...

OMFG!! I think I just threw up a little at that, babe. *gag* Don't people own a frickin' mirror?? Yikes.

Luv ya baby! Muuuah!