Monday, June 30, 2008

TAG! You're IT!

My dear friend Christine has tagged me and it has taken me this long to realize what was going on. So here are the rules : Open the book nearest to you and open to page 123. Then post the 5th sentence. Very simple.

So, lets get started. The book closest to me is Accidentally Dead by Dakota Cassidy

With the fluid grace of a jouster, she rammed the Magic Marker like needle into Nina's leg, and
looking back a couple of seconds later, Nina wasn't sure hy she'd made such a fuss
This is Dakota's second novel in the "Accidental" series. The first was The Accidental Werewolf that had me laughing so loud that I had people staring at me to saying grrrrrrrrr whenever Keegan arrived on the page, he made me what to say "bite me, baby"
Here are the ones that I have tagged
Mel ... Movie Maven
Terri ... Terrises
I hate to say it...but I don't have five peeps to tagg. Does that mean I have to do the other myself???? I have plenty of books to go to.

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Movie Maven said...

Love Accidental Werewolf! Another great recommendation.

My book is Wicked Lovely by Melissa Mar:

"Mortal habits change faster than ours."