Sunday, June 29, 2008

Giorgio is BACK!!

I LURVE George Clooney aka Giorgio in the Martini commercials. This is my favorite

and now he has a new one with Shannyn Sossamon, viva Giorgio


Christine said...

Those are great! I particularly loved the first one! The sword on the ice sculpture of the bull?! LOL! Classic!

dd03 said...

lmao...icy rocky mountain oysters!!!

btw, sweety, I left a funny for all at my blog, but I especially had you in mind when I posted.

here's the link...

DarlingDiva said...

Hello Ladies!!! *runs to Christine and dd* I misses you loads and loads. Sorry for not noticing the the Tag! game Christine, but I did it today.

dd..babygirl...I went straight to your site and had me a good ole time. Thank U for your dedication, there is just something about Giorgio that leaves me breathless...ahhhh