Thursday, October 9, 2008


I've been awarded the I Love Your Blog Award by my dear friend Christine. I love to visit her blog for I find the best book suggestions and her reviews just blow me away. She is very expressive and passionate about them and I am always aspiring to make a review one quarter as good as hers. I also adore hearing about her adventures for it makes me feel closer, even though I am so very far away.

I met Christine on the JR Ward boards almost 2 years ago and we became instant friends. We realized that we had many things in common (YEAH!! TEAM JACOB) and our love of books both adult and young adult. I had the pleasure of meeting her and her beautiful family last year and my only regret is that we do not live closer to each other. She is amazingly sweet and brilliantly funny, months may go by between calls and yet I can give her a call it is like we just talked the day before.

I had never looked at blog before and then Christine posted a link to her blog one day and a whole new world opened up to me. I found this whole blogging world fascinating and I have to thank and credit her for getting me started on my own blog. I am glad that she likes it and hope that others enjoy it also. It is my spin on things in life, sometimes silly and a bit Twilight/Henry Cavill/Book obsessed...but those are the things that make me happy :)

The rules for this award are that you need to:
1) Add the logo of the award to your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on your blog
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!

These are my nominations:

1) The Movie Maven My friend Melanie who has a great love and passion for movies. If I ever want to know anything that is in the media, then this is the place I automatically go to. She has amazing movie reviews and is always on top of what is going on with films and such. I also love her own videos that she makes, she is just so talented. I can't even post a mini movie that I have on my phone.

2) Confessions of a Geek Another dear and long lost sister friend has made it back into my life via a blog. We both shared a crazy experience years ago and from that moment on we were like two peas in a pod. She is soo very funny and when we talk, I am always left in tears from crying so darn much. I wish that she lived closer for we are two sisters from another mister. I am glad to have reconnected with her and visiting her blog and seeing how she looks at life always puts a smile on my face.

3)The Art of Nothing An amazing blog from a good friend that is visually beautiful while posting some key notes of introspective thoughts. When she travels she has this amazing food diary that leaves my mouth watering...YUM!! Then her various pictures of her travels always leave me yearning to go to those beautiful places myself. She has been my travel partner on a view trips and we always have so much fun together. I miss her and her blog is a way for me to keep in touch. MUAH!!

4)The Book Bind This blog belongs to my favorite independent book store in the whole bay area of California. They have an amazing Young Adult staff that are so very sweet and helpful. I have been to several author events , beginning with the beloved Melissa Marr and the most recent being Neil Gaiman. This particular blog is for Teen readers, but I find that as of late that is what I enjoy reading the most. They have amazing book suggestions and reviews and their author interviews are very well done. Here is shout out to Angela for being such a sweetheart and every time I see her she seems genuinely happy to see me.

5)Ornamental Narrative Jewelry by Nina Bagley. If you looking for something truly unique and breathtaking images of life and art then, this is the place for you. I am such a lurker, for I am in such awe of her sumptuous works of art. Another friend of mine had her posted on her blog and one day I went to go and check it out and I have been a fan ever since. She makes me appreciate the beauty that comes with everyday life, the budding fragrant roses, the peaceful blue sky, the rain on my face...all things that are almost painful in their beauty. Please go to her site and look around, you will not be disappointed.

6)The happily ever after from my friend Christine. I am not sure if your supposed to nominate the one that nominated you, but her blog is one of my favorite ones. It would not be right for me to not mention her. I enjoy going to her blog to read about her book reviews, recommendations and daily adventures. We have alot in common in regards to books and I am glad that I have someone to chat about my books with. Muah!!

Ohh..i got to get back to work..but more is to come


Christine said...

Hey girlfriend!
I posted my BLog LuRvE post late last night and was finally coming by to let you know I awarded you the I Love Your Blog Award and I'm so happy to see you already saw it!! WoOT!

Thank you oh so very much for the kind words. From the first time we met on JR Ward's boards, I knew we would hit it off. But I think we totally sealed the deal of friendship when we finally met in person. Now it feels like we've been friends forever!

I'm going to visit the blogs you've nominated. They sound fanastic!


DarlingDiva said...

Thank you Christine!!! Muah!!! I hope you enjoy the blogs I have posted. They are truly my favs...I would have put yours on there...well hey..I will because it is the place i visit the most.

Christine said...

Aww... you awarded me back?! You're so sweet. I love you. =)

p.s. I'm reading Hunger Games right now. I'm a bit more than halfway through. Oh. MY. Lord. I LOVE this book. It is all kinds of amazing. Are you almost finished listening to it?