Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yeah...I am a bit Twilight obsessed how obsessed do you think I am? Just let me alone with my photoshop and some images and I go craaaaaaaazy. These have been my signatures and avatars that I have made...yup, I need help.


Christine said...

You. Are. Obsessed. LOL But I love it! Those graphics are awesome--my favorite is the kiss. It's always the kiss. *happy sigh*

DJzoey said...

I LOVE LOVE LOOooooooVE the sparkly prom pics. How dreamy are those? I am totally using some! I can't believe I missed your call!!! I remember getting a weird number I didn't recognize so I didn't pick up, and just today I caught up on all of my messages (since you had said you called =-))
And lo and behold i missed your call!!!!! AH! I need to program that number into my phone and then give you a gool ring tone like Gerry singing. ha ha

DarlingDiva said...

Home girl!!! yeah...just put my digits in your phone and we can chat away any day.