Thursday, October 30, 2008

Much love to Kepler's and Angela

Last night I went to see John Green promote his newest novel, Paper Towns at Kepler's (my favorite independent books store). I love going there for many reasons, but maily to visit with book store maven Angela.

Angela is always happy to see Tricia and I, and I am genuinely happy to see her in turn. Her book recommendations are fantastically spot on and she is marvelously witty and warm. Did I also mention that she is generous beyond measure? Last night while picking up my contest prize, an ARC of The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan (she got me a brand new copy, never read) MUAH!!. Angela went around looking for more ARC's to give to my friend Tricia so that she would not feel left out. By the time we left Tricia had 4 ARC's and a big happy grin on her face. It made up for the fact that we were very late for the book event, not even having to wait in line for an hour to see John Green put a damper on our mood.

So far this book is AMAZING!!! I love it. Unfortunately the book is not due for release until March 2009, but you can read an excerpt and put it on your TBR pile. Many of my favorite authors (Melissa Marr, Cassandra Clare, Scott Westerfeld) have fantastic blurbs about this book and it makes me all that more excited to be reading it. I will have a review to soon follow. :)

I would not have known about this book if not for Angela, so I am sending her some blog love and putting a shout out to the Teen Blog that she particpates in for Keplers. Please visit your independent book stores and participate in any event that you can, it makes a difference and it is very important to them. Because once these independents are gone....they are gone for good and that is a true shame.

Thank you Angela, for expanding my reading library, it is always much appreciated.


Christine said...

What a great post. I wish I had a wonderful little gem of a store near me like you have in Keplers. Angela and the store sound wonderful! :)

I've seen this novel on the sidebar of The BookSmugglers blog for quite some time now (I think Thea is anticipating it), but never looked into it. Now that you're reading it and loving it... you know it's going on my Wish List! :)

DarlingDiva said...

Christine, once I am finished I am more than willing to share this gem with you. I think you will enjoy it, since our tastes in reading are very similar.

This fact always makes me wish that we were closer, geography wise. I will drop you a line once I am finished with TFHT. :)

Bookgeek said...

Just wanted to blush and say thanks for all your kind words. I always love seeing you and Tricia and discussing the books we're reading.

One of the great joys of working in a bookstore is meeting people who love to talk about books. Oh, and all the arcs of course. So, in turn, I love to share them. I'm so glad Tricia left happy. And Jaz, who travels all the way from Berkeley.

John Green was so amazing. I'll post his reading and Abby Simmons singing tomorrow. And the interview hopefully by the end of the week--transcribing takes so much longer than I'd like!

I've actually written a review of The Forest of Hands and Teeth but have held off posting because it's not out until March. But now I'm thinking I will just so people can put it on their to look for list.

Anyway, take care and thanks

DarlingDiva said...

It is always great to see you Angela and I cannot wait for other events in the future.