Monday, October 6, 2008

My New Baby

I spent fourteen years with my dear corolla. My wintergreen sidekick to so many of my adventures. The Robin to my Batman, the yin to my yan, the cheech to my know what I mean. My homey....I will miss you and hope your new owner will take care of you as I did.
It was time, yes it was time to get another baby and although I will miss my little green martian I am just giddy with my new sleek silver beauty.
My dear fairy that watches over me while I drive.
I have been at a loss in trying to find another name of this new silver wonder. I have asked many and have not found anything yet that appeals to me. Does anyone have any suggestions?


DJzoey said...

Seeing as how you always have that rocking Amy Brown Faery on your mirror (which, didn't I break her when we were together last?) =-) It should be fitting that you name it after one of her figures... like:
Bubble Rider
Silver Diva
I love the new baby! Good thing you didn't have to 'birth' it. ha ha ha

DarlingDiva said...

Could you imagine if I gave birth to that!!! My mind gets all in the gutter so I will have to stop there..LOL

Yeah...trixie broke during our trip and I kept her. I could not let her go. I then purchased another fairy and yup..she also broke her wings. This new fairy seems to be very lucky and she has maintained her wings. YEAH!!!

Christine said...

OOoooeeee! Sexy new thang!

And your car, too! ;p

I LOVE it! I want one just like it. I'm ready to trade my minivan in for something more grownup now. Please?

Hmm... S.T. for Sexy Thang.

or the Silver Bullet. Heh. LOL