Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Sagittary by T.M. Sulsona

My dear friend Terri has written a book that I have had the pleasure of reading a few chapters over the past year, and it has left me salivating for more. She has an amazing talent for creating a world of characters that you cannot help but want to keep reading about. Once you begin on Tessa's story you are sucked in and then you meet Darien and then you are enraptured.

In preparation for her book release and also to have a save haven for those that like to have fun she has created a website
THE KEEP. It has been so much fun there, it is like we have our family of KEEPERS and I adore them all. I admit that I have been amiss lately due to personal issues, but I plan on being back on full time and with my friends, promoting our Mistress of the Keep.

Here is a description to wet your appetite:
Tessa Chiron's world is turned upside down when she receives a plain brown package in the mail containing a golden necklace and an old journal. She is called upon to save a race of mythical beings--Centaurs--from becoming extinct. Darien, the Stallion and leader of the Centaurs, enters Tessa's dreams and begins to seduce and entice her to his world. Tessa arrives in a world where the sexual pleasuring of a woman is a part of daily life...and she learns that there is more to what meets the eye in the reason for her being brought through.
Now I bet you cannot wait to get this book, so I will make it easy for you. You can go to AMAZON (click on the link) or click on the picture of the book. Also you can go to and and purchase THE SAGITTARY there. Please support this amazing author and good friend of mine. You will not be disappointed.


Christine said...

Yay!! Congratulations, Terri! WoOT!

Fantastic cover art!

DarlingDiva said...

It is ordered and on its way!!!